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Tumbleweed Rob & The Southwest Junction

Debut CD "A Fork in the Road"

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"What a pleasure to listen to this album, for those who love western ballads, tinged here with a bit of folk! I gave it a top notch grade!"
-Bernard Boyat, Music Critic, Le Cri Du Coyote Magazine

"Terrific CD! Just hit that play button over and over again!"
-Bobbi Jean Bell, Radio Host, Around the Barn, KHTS

"Cool CD! It Might As Well Be You really touched my heart!!"
-Judy Coder, WMA and AWA Award Winner

"Wow! A HOME RUN! This far exceeds anything [Rob's] done before!"
-Rich Dollarhide, Tombstone Festival Promoter

"Tumbleweed Rob has tumbled back in with quite a different reinvention of himself! Wolfskill & company have the chance of making [Roy Rogers] more popular than its famous writer did!"
-Rick Huff, Music Critic, The Western Way Magazine

-Lillies Ohlsson, Kountry Korral Magazine, Sweden


With A Fork in the Road, Rob sets sights on his own lifespan of influences, from his Southwestern American roots to the music of his formative years exploring a more contemporary, personal side of his artistic calling and giving the folks who have come to know him a closer look at who he is as an artist and as a person.

A Fork in the Road is a multi-genre effort combining elements of Americana, Roots, Country, Western and Pop, Produced by Rob and recorded at Little Mountain Music Co., located right at the base of the Mountains Rob calls home.

The songs featured on A Fork in the Road include the title track, "Fork in the Road," a song initially written by Rob for good friend and ex-band mate, R.J. Mills upon his departure from The Tumbling Tumbleweeds and from California. The song has since become an interesting fore-shadowing of the disbandment of The Tumbling Tumbleweeds and Rob’s farewell to that chapter in his life.

Other songs written by Rob are "When You Look At Me," a bouncy, “heart-breaky honky-tonk shuffle,” "Ida Lou/Ida Lee" a heart rendering cowboy waltz with a powerful story, "Life in Kid World," a very contemporary ballad about the light and dark side of childhood and "It Might As Well Be You," another contemporary acoustic pop song about mustering the courage to step out from the shadows and follow your calling. Plus five songs written by some of the best songwriters in the world.


1. Fork in the Road
2. When You Look At Me
3. Ida Lou / Ida Lee
4. Dixie Lily
5. Home Again
6. The Lucky One
7. Roy Rogers
8. I Don't Want to be a Cowboy Anymore
9. Life in Kid World
10. It Might As Well Be You
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